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Mapp Gas, ProFire Torch, Ignitor + Flint Pack - Plastic Plumb

Pipe Station

Mapp Gas, ProFire Torch, Ignitor + Flint Pack


The ProFire Torch and Mapp gas Value Pack is perfect for plumbers, mechanics and jewellery makers.

The Map Plus (Mapp) gas cylinders from Pipestation® provide high burning performance in the coldest of weather. Mapp gas has a heat output of more than 20% compared with propane gas. Having a much hotter flame means that it will take a lot less gas to complete the job. When combined with oxygen it can give a flame temperature of up to 2927°C.

The Mapp gas cylinder itself conforms to European Standard EN12205 making it both tough and impact resistant.

The Gas Torch and Mapp+ Gas bottle pack is ideal for Soldering, Brazing, Thawing frozen pipes, heat treatment of rusted metal components and is also great for mechanics and other professions. This can also be used for lighting a barbecue, Cooking and searing meat.

The torch itself is suitable for use with a Propane or Mapp+ gas canister valve connection type: CGA 600 (1” x 20 UNEF Thread). The gas canister is ideal for use with a wide range of the most popular gas blow torches on the market including:

  • Rothenberger Super-Fire 2,
  • Quickfire Bernzomatic,
  • Faithful,
  • Monument,
  • And many more.


This Pack Includes:

  • 1x Map-Plus Gas Cylinder.
  • 1x ProFire Gas Torch.
  • 1x Ignitor.
  • 5x Flints.


Safety Note:

This is a highly flammable substance. Wear suitable protective equipment when attaching the nozzle and when in use.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews Write a review

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