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Quick Fire Blow Torch and 1x Mapp Gas - Plastic Plumb

Pipe Station

Quick Fire Blow Torch and 1x Mapp Gas


  • Super Value Blow Torch with Gas Included! – The pack contains both 1x Map Gas Cartridge and 1x Quick Ignition Trigger Gas Blowtorch.
  • The Mapp Gas Torch and Mapp Gas bottle pack is ideal for Soldering, Brazing, Thawing frozen pipes, heat treatment of rusted metal components, lighting a barbecue, Cooking, searing meat Plumbing Tools.
  • The Gas Torch Burner can be used with a Propane gas bottle or Mapp gas canister with a valve connection type: CGA 600 (1” x 20 UNEF Thread).
  • Easily change the flame size using the adjustable valve then press the lock key for a continuous flame.
  • Effortless and instant lighting using the built-in Piezo ignition trigger.
  • Map Plus gas burns 20% hotter than Propane and will take a lot less gas to complete the job.

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